Hoodie Hook’s founder PJ Jones, designed the Hoodie Hook with one intention, to manage her son Seth’s growing mountain of hoodies! With the artistic help of her teenage son Seth and partnership with her bestie Cynthia Johnson (CJ), they came up with a way to keep hoodies and other items organized!

PJ and CJ realized, this nifty invention could actually provide Moms and Dads everywhere with some relief from the nightmare of clothing clutter. They set out to create their very own product and by the grace of God, the Hoodie Hook was released!

Hoodie Hook is the ultimate solution to keep your kid’s room nice and tidy!  Whether you’re a child, college student, a sports fanatic, a parent, or an on- the-go teen, we love our hoodies! As much as we adore hoodies, what do we do with them? We stuff them in closets and ruin them. We ball them up in drawers or leave them hung on door handles. Since we love to wear them often, they're either thrown on beds or most of the time just dropped on the floor.

Say goodbye to the mess! Organize your space by easily hanging your hoodies right, on their own special hook made for hoodies and more!